Exciting News For PDR Mobile Members


PDR Mobile Solutions announces technology partnership with VTISS Catastrophic Repair Networks (CAT-NET)

Tucson, Arizona – January 16, 2017 – PDR Mobile Solutions, LLC., a leading paintless dent repair (PDR) estimating & business management app, and VTISS LLC./CAT-NET, the leader in Enterprise Level Hail Catastrophe Management today announced a technology partnership agreement. The partnership provides mutual customers with a unified path that allows customers to access PDR Mobile’s easy to use smart phone interface, providing them with a reliable and efficient damage collection solution for hail estimating and invoicing application. The PDR Mobile App combined with the back end power of the Cat-Net Platform allows customers to network directly with Insurance Carriers, Auto Dealerships, Body Shops, Parts Providers, Rental Car Companies, Third Party Administrators as well as Other PDR Repair Companies for assignment dispatching and claims fulfillment. This creates a seamless claims flow from the first notice of loss through the entire scheduling/estimating/repair/invoicing process while virtually eliminating duplicate data entry.

“We are proud to partner with VTISS”, said Gordon Kenaston, CTO for PDR Mobile Solutions. “This partnership brings a new level of technology to the PDR Professional. The PDR Mobile app provides the guys in the field with an easy to use app to scope, document, and invoice using any mobile device; while the back-end data management of CAT-NET gives our members a unique advantage in the market place. This integration gives us the ability to serve every member of the PDR industry. We’ve joined technical forces to bring an absolute powerhouse for PDR business management to the market.”

“We are very excited about this integration project with PDR Mobile Solutions” said Jerry Volquardsen, President and CEO of VTISS LLC. “Until now, the primary focus of the Cat-Net platform has been to provide a seamless claims path between insurers and larger hail repair companies in a catastrophic hail event. The PDR Mobile/Cat-Net Integration Project now provides a solution that can accommodate both the individual PDR Technicians as well as Mid-size PDR Companies looking to take that step to the next level all the way to the National Hail Catastrophe Repair Companies and Third Party Administrators that require a single solution that includes a Call Center, Network Wide Scheduling, Shop Management as well as a Financial Suite and Reporting Suite. This integration project expands the use of these tools to all segments of the PDR Industry while providing complete claims/repair visibility to all parties involved in the claims process.”

About VTISS LLC. – In today’s business environment, relentless competition requires increasingly integrated solutions, such as end-to-end paperless claim management. Businesses must explore emerging business opportunities by rapidly adopting new technology. Our application development and systems integration services offer consulting and delivery expertise in end-to-end systems integration and custom application development. Our services are designed to drive innovation and expansion into new marketplaces and opportunities while reducing overall costs. We assist our customers with the design, building and management of all aspects of their transformation to on-demand e-business.

About PDR Mobile Solutions – PDR Mobile Solutions exists to simplify the chaos that hails from the unexpected events that Mother Nature throws at us. We connect people with the right resources at the right time by creating a business as usual environment during a catastrophic loss event. Our business as usual focus reminds us that we can’t interrupt the natural flow of repairing cars, only enhance and create efficiency to allow for growth. Our platform products will do the heavy lifting, in essence, we keep our members pushin! You can find us here http://www.pdrmobile.com.

We will relentlessly develop simple and easy to use tools that allows our members to focus on what really matters to them…the work at hand, ‘pushin dents’ and making money!

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