PDR Mobile Enterprise Release

We are proud to announce the release of the Enterprise version. 

Our Promise

We will relentlessly develop simple and easy to use tools that allows our members to focus on what really matters to them…the work at hand, ‘pushin dents’ and making money!

PDR Mobile Enterprise is an example of simplifying the chaos.

Imagine this… you want to add technicians to your account, or link them to a job site, or collaborate on an entire project, but the paper work is a nightmare. Who wants to keep track of all that stuff? Nobody wants to, but if you don’t, nobody gets paid! That gets ugly…

Tracking the work, managing commission agreements, auditing tech pay, and billing the work requires a lot of manual oversight. We have your solution…and it’s called PDR Mobile Enterprise.

PDR Mobile Enterprise solves it all…all you need to do is add a new member, or invite someone to your project, set the commission agreement, and we manage all the pushin’ on the back end. Techs can be allocated by job, by panel, by gross, or by net, and when an invoice is created everyone allocated will get paid based on their commission agreement. Simple!

It may sound like we’re over simplifying it, however, it can be that easy. I can assure that that the programming on the back end wasn’t so simple. Hey….that’s what we do, so you can push dents!

Here are a few screen shots…

Along with the Enterprise release there are a number of other cool enhancements the team has created as well. At the end of the day, it’s all about Keeping You Pushin’.

Check out what’s new:

  • Updated Supplement Summary: Cleaned up the format a bit for a cleaner look.
  • Delete Estimate Line: You can now delete an estimate line, which makes it easy to document insurance supps, and delete the occasional mistake.
  • Quoting: When you email a multiple estimate quote we included an easy to read summary.
  • Additional Account Members: If you add additional account members, they will have access to the apps global contacts. All account members will see the same contacts, making it easy to bill customers.
  • Matrix Update: If you go outside the hail matrix while you are scoping a vehicle, a banner will notify you that you are outside the estimate limits. This allows you to always be 100% compliant with your estimate.
  • Technician Commission Management: Simple, but not simplistic. All you have to do is designate a commission rate when you add a new member to your account or invite a PDR mobile account holder to a project. When you allocate the work to the tech either by job or by panel, select if you pay by gross or net, and when you invoice the job, all the invoices and payables are instantly created for all parties.
  • A Few Minor Enhancements: Admin role (back office assistant) has better access to assist in all aspects of the business. Added toggles on all note pages to specify internal or external (estimate view). Android push notifications enhanced and a few Android bug fixes.

More stuff coming soon: at no additional cost!

Annual payment option

Business reporting suite

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Sales reports
  • Tech reports
  • Accounting reports
  • Statements

PDR Mobile…It Keeps You Pushin’

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