Get Rid Of Paper Once And For All!

I’m going to warn you in advance. This blog post is a sales pitch! I want to be fair to you and respect your time.

Paper vs. Digital is like rotary phone vs. smart phone. I can’t argue the that fact that doing paper estimates can be really fast and simple at times. However, if you look at the total work flow involved, beyond the ease of circling numbers, you’ll see that paper ends up costing you more money in the long-term.

Let’s see what paper can’t do?

  1. It can’t track data through automated work flow system
  2. It can’t be stored in a way that it’s always in the palm of your hand
  3. It can’t be emailed
  4. It can’t be edited cleanly
  5. It can’t look professional
  6. It can’t be instantly turned into an invoice

Those are just a few examples, and I’m sure you get the point….

What does the digital world do? More importantly, what does PDR Mobile do for you?
1. First and foremost…PDR Mobile-Keeps You Pushin’
2. You will not have to worry about data collection within your business process
3. It guarantees that  your business system is running the same way all the time
4. You always know who owes you money every minute of the day
5. Collaboration on projects, and managing commission agreements can be automated
6. It will provide you with a professional business interface
7. If your electronic device breaks, your data will still be there
8. You can track and audit the history of each and every document that goes through automated processes, ensuring that anyone can be held accountable for his or her actions.
Simply put…nothing falls by the wayside and you have complete control of your business in the palm of your hand. This give you more time to attract more business and keeps the people pushin’
Clearly we are biased, but for good reason. Below is the link to a free trial.
Click HERE and get the FREE trial.
PDR Mobile-It Keeps You Pushin’

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