The New PDR Mobile Release Is Available…

The team at PDR Mobile would like to wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. We appreciate all those that have sacrificed for this great country.

We have released a mini-update to the app store that includes an updated VIN Barcode Scanner, as well as other various enhancements. The new scanner is more efficient and can even decode those pesky square VIN barcodes that GM uses.

Also, here’s a snapshot of our next release coming soon:

  • Filter by Estimator: This will allow you to easily view jobs by estimator/tech
  • Assign single or multiple techs to a job
  • Assign techs by panel or by entire job
  • Updated summary page for route technicians and wholesale account quoting and invoicing. The VIN number will also be added to the PDF document
  • Any and all notes added to the file can either be stored to the electronic file or view-able on the estimate document
  • Manage commission agreements and all work flows are automated. Once an invoice is generated everyone attached to that job gets a copy of what is owed to them. You will never wonder how much is owed to you, or worry about losing that paper document that seems to always get misplaced
  • Export custom rate matrices to PDF and print

And here’s some eye-candy for you:

PDR Mobile…It Keeps You Pushin’

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