Know The Customer That You Don’t Have!

There are two categories of customers, those you have and those you want to have.  You may very well know your current customers, but in your role as a businessperson it is much more important that you “know” the customers in your target market that you do not have, but you want to have. In order to achieve your long-term wealth creation goals you, the businessperson, will need to 1) study the customer at the “big picture” level, i.e. at the industry level, rather than just at your level, 2) use “hard evidence” to form the big picture to develop knowledge of your potential customers, and 3) use that knowledge to either design your business model or modify your current business model to ensure that you are meeting the potential customers’ wants in terms of their overall experience, better than your competitors.

In the PDR industry the overall experience has not really been consciously designed. Though, more recently there has been a lot of lip-service given to customer centeredness, but, come on, usually this translates to, be nice to the customers so they will refer others (not unimportant, but not a game changer). The reality is that the product experience remains production process driven and the purchase experience being heavily driven the third party payers.  By the way, by not knowing your potential customers’ wants for their product experience and the purchase experience “, you contribute to your own victimization by the third party payers.

But the times, they are changin’.  Achieving your long-term business goals in the PDR Industry into the future is going to require a lot of change in how you do business.  Starting with innovating and design a business model based, among other things, your target market’s expectations for their PDR repair product experience and purchase experience. Which means you, the businessperson, must develop and keep current an in-depth understanding of what the potential customer seeks in their product experience and in their purchase experience. Then effectively use that knowledge to design a business model that fulfills their product experience and purchase experience better than your competitors. 

So how do you achieve this understanding?  It comes from market analysis and research.  So, I would start with determining who out there in the big world is collecting data from PDR repair customers and determine what you can get access to.  I have looked and have to say there is not much that I have found to be useful, but it is always good to start there anyway.  Next, identify your target market and its geographical boundaries; think big here and into the future.

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